BMSc - Master Thesis / Proposals 2018/2019

edit | 20.02.2018
  1. Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis/Dr. Med. Maxime Baud: Fluctuations of Seizure Risk and Cortical Excitability in Epilepsy
  2. Prof. Carole Bourquin: Targeting lipid metabolism to improve cancer immunotherapy
  3. Prof. V. Enzmann: Molecular characterization of pathways involved in Müller cell differentiation in vitro
  4. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Gantenbein: On Angiopoetin-1 Receptor positive Cells in the Intervertebral Disc – their in vitro Multi-Potency and Regenerative Capacity
  5. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Gantenbein: Stimulation of BMP antagonist down regulation by shRNA transfection
  6. PD. Dr. Michael Grössl: Effect of dietary salt concentration on steroid metabolism
  7. Prof. Dr. Olivier Guenat: Lung‐on‐Chip: Development of an air‐blood barrier on a new cell culture membrane
  8. Prof. Dr. Olivier Guenat: IPF Microvasculature-on-chip: advanced in vitro platform for pulmonary fibrosis drug testing
  9. Prof. Siegfried Hapfelmeier: Symbiotic intestinal bacterial colonization: Host- and bacteria-bacteria adaptations stabilizing the personal microbiome
  10. Prof. W. Hofstetter: Interaction of Gadolinium with bone tissue and bone cells
  11. Prof. W. Hofstetter: Effects of Low Oxygen Pressure on Iron Metabolism in Osteoclasts
  12. Prof. David Hoogewijs: Function of the newly identified androglobin in ciliogenesis
  13. Prof. David Hoogewijs: Identification of novel erythropoietin regulating transcription factors
  14. Dr. M. Moor / Prof. U. Huynh-Do Does Memo-dependent redox signaling prevent nephrotic syndrome?
  15. Dr. Delphine Lambert / Prof. U. Huynh-Do: Consequences of fetal hypoxia on DEC1 KO mice
  16. Dr. Marianna Kruithof-de Julio/ Dr. Eugenio Zoni/Prof. Dr. George Thalmann: Characterization of the functional and metabolic response to Disulfiram (DSF) in prostate cancer stem cells
  17. Dr. Marianna Kruithof-de Julio/ Dr. Eugenio Zoni/Prof. Dr. George Thalmann: Genome editing with CRISPR/CAS system of human prostate cancer molecular subtypes: a metabolic perspective
  18. Dr. Marianna Kruithof-de Julio/ Dr. Marta De Menna/ Prof. Dr. George Thalmann: Human Microvasculature on Chip as a potential preclinical model for drug screening
  19. Dr. M.Kruithof-de Julio / Dr S. Karkampouna/ Prof. Dr. George Thalmann: Tumor-stroma interactions in prostate cancer
  20. Prof. Dr. med. Jan P. Kucera: How do heterogeneities in cardiac tissue influence action potential propagation?
  21. Prof. Claudia Kuehni/Dr. med. Nicolas Waespe: Signs and Symptoms Associated with Cancer Predisposition Syndromes in Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivors
  22. Dr. Myrofora Goutaki/ Prof. Claudia Kuehni: Reported symptoms and quality of life in patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
  23. Dr. Myrofora Goutaki/ Prof. Claudia Kuehni: Chest imaging in patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
  24. Dr. Rebeca Mozún/ Prof. Claudia Kuehni: Epidemiology of chronic respiratory symptoms in Swiss schoolchildren
  25. Prof. Stephen Leib: Development of a molecular diagnostic system to detect letermovir resistance mutations in human cytomegalovirus
  26. Dr. A. Maguy:Caveolin-1 from Cardiac Arrhythmia to Innovative Antiarrhythmic Therapy
  27. Prof. N. Mercader: Regenerative capacity of different cellular precursors in the zebrafish heart
  28. Prof. Patrice Nordmann: Rapid Diagnostic tests for detection of Emerging Antibiotic Resistance
  29. PD Dr. Jean-Marc Nuoffer: Master Project in Inherited Metabolic Diseases
  30. PD Dr. Jean-Marc Nuoffer: Manipulation of mitochondrial function in Q-cycle deficient cells
  31. PD Dr. Ren-Wang Peng: Identify Therapeutic Targets for KRAS-Mutant Lung Cancer by CRISPR Screen
  32. Prof. Robert Rieben/Riccardo Sfriso: Endothelial cell protection in xenotransplantation: Assessing the effect of multiple transgenes and the pathophysiological role of the plasma cascade systems.
  33. Prof. B. Rothen-Rutishauser: Tissue engineering by 3D bioprinting
  34. Dr. Stefan Rudloff: β-catenin expression levels – how are nephron segment specified
  35. Dr. Stefan Rudloff: Low oxygen supply during fetal development accelerates aging despite elongated telomeres
  36. Dr. Stefan Rudloff: Does a SNP influence the development of hepatic cysts in ADPKD?
  37. PD Monica Schaller, PhD / Prof Dr. med. Johanna Kremer Hovinga: Role of autophagy promoting the dysregulated immune response in immune-mediated thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (iTTP)
  38. Prof. H.-U. Simon Dr. C. Sokollik: The role of autophagy in intestinal epithelial cells, and its relevance in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  39. Dr. Adriano Taddeo: Targeting the lymphatic system to modulate immune rejection and promoting tolerance in vascularized composite allotransplantation
  40. Dr. Adriano Taddeo: Bioengineering a vascularized nerve scaffold for nerve repair
  41. Dr. Anne Tscherter: Cerebral palsy: closing the knowledge gap in Switzerland
  42. Prof. Dr. S. von Gunten: Sweets for the immune system: inflammatory disease and cancer
  43. Prof. Z. Yang: Characterizing the podocyte-­protective actions of forskolin
  44. Prof. S. Yousefi and Prof. HU. Simon: Is fusion and/or fission of mitochondria required for mitochondrial DNA release?

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